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Blessed Event?

Chichi:  *digging in Cureall's flowerpot*  *dirt all over the floor*

Oriana:  *sleeping with Optimus and Kirby and hasn't noticed*

Cureall:  *heavy sigh* *cuddles Chichi as she picks her up.* There is plenty of dirt outside for you to mess in, why this pot?

Chichi:  *chirps anxiously and wriggles to get down.  She feels rounder and heavier than usual*

Cureall:  *holds Chichi up for inspection*...are you...*gently feels on the little fire lizard's stomach* You are! *gently sets down Chichi*

Chichi:  *grumbling softly as she starts to dig again, her eyes whirling slightly with worry.  MUST get this done!*

Cureall: *taps her chin and peers over at the bunch sleeping on the couch as Baby Ratchet flies in, landing near by to make fussing noise at Chichi.* Hmm. *leaves and comes back with a big plastic tub full of dirt.* *gently lift chichi and her flower pot into the dirt tub.*

Chichi:  *preoccupied and making little fussy sounds as she looks at the new dirt, then shivers slightly and squeaks as she turns back to her hole.*  *and several minutes later there are three little eggs in that hole.  Two of them are mottled with buff, and the last one shines faintly golden.*

Oriana:  *lifts her head and looks over the arm of the couch as she realizes that Cureall is home, then frowns as she sees where she's standing.*  What is it?

Chichi:  *so pooped that she's nearly falling in the hole as she tries to cover it.*

Cureall: *keeps an eye on Chichi and pets her gently.* Seems I should have opted to get Chichi and Ratchet sterilized. Chichi has laid three very lovely eggs.

Oriana:  *brows go up with surprise, and then she gently disentangles herself from the little ones to come and see*

Chichi:  *scolds at Oriana wearily, then looks at her mate.  Help?*

Baby Ratchet: *squawk as he was unsure what to do! He flies down to help finish burrying the eggs and soothe his mate.*

Cureall: Don't crowd them love, stay back here and watch.

Oriana:  *steps back and then goes to her knees, her eyes large with wonder*  What do they look like?

Chichi:  *trying to make it look like there are no eggs there, but then abruptly faceplants and is asleep*

Baby Ratchet: *licks and cuddles Chichi*

Cureall: *smiles softly at the scene* Round, two are mottled and one is gold. Try not to disturb them, Chichi wants us to think she doesn't have any because of her instinct to protect them. *she kneels and hugs Oriana.*

Oriana:  *leans against Cureall*  Do you know when they'll hatch?  *blinks*  They'll need homes.

Chichi:  *manages to wake enough to snuggle before she's out again*

Cureall: *hmms* I got baby Ratchet a few days from hatching, I'd have to study how long these will take. I think we have a few weeks at least. *smiles and pets Oriana's hair*

Oriana:  *nods, carefully not looking at the nest so as to help the new parents feel safe*  *then starts as the house com. beeps and goes to answer it*  Hi, Amy.  Oh... that doesn't sound good.  I will if Cureall says it's alright.  Alright.  *turns back to Cureall*  Amy thinks she has a virus, and wants to know if I can pick Rae and Dan up from school and if they can stay here for a few days.

Cureall: *taps her chin and nods* Since Sludge will most likely try to take care of her, yes you may.

Oriana:  *eyes go to the nest*  Chichi and Baby Ratchet like them, so it shouldn't upset them?

Cureall: *nods* Just remind them not to bother the nest. Both Chichi and Ratchet may bite them if they mess with the nest too much.

Oriana:  Alright.  *turns back to the com and tells Amy it's go, then closes the connection and goes to pick Kirby up*  I should take you back to the Nexus before I go.  *gentle, so as to not startle the little sleeping being*

Kirby: *coos and snuggles into Oriana*

Cureall: *mearly nods and smiles* Be careful, and don't take too long.

Oriana:  *slight smile*  If I see Blackout I'll go the other direction.  *PINpoints away*

Chichi:  *scolds in her sleep*
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